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S.S.Hanem Buiding Cooperative House Construction

Owner : /S.S. Hanem Konut Yapı Kooperatifi Başkanlığı

Structure Usage Date : 07.12.2000 Date and / 31-8 counted Trabzon Municipality Permit

Project Informations :

S.S.Hanem Buiding Cooperative housed Construction that has 10 blocks,200 houses that have centered heating system and elevator,1 substation,14 workplaces and 12.000m2 construction field underground enviroment lighting system,underground PTT line, fresh water main and side network,canalization main and side network,rain water and drainage networkilandscaping,linkage roads,infrastructure and superstructture,parks for children,autoparks was completed in 07.12.2000 in Trabzon numbered 3 Erdoğdu District.

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