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Nata construction was established as an ordinary partnership by Necmettin AYTEKİN who has been consructor since 1976 and Tufan AYDOĞAN who has been in action on conruction sector since 1987.In 1990 the ordinary partnership setted up as Nata consruction industry and commercial limited company. In 1993 it opened a branch in Ankara.

Nata Consruction Industry and Commercial Company Ltd. implements infrastructure and superstructure projects and goes on their projects in tHEPPe fields. Among tHEPPe projects there are important projects that is owning to offical establishments and private sector. Furthermore company has marketed lots of projects that is developed by itself via the build&sell method, and implemented lots of projects that is owning to official and private sector.

Nata Construction that has been planning to develop at energy sector setted up Nata Energy and Electricity Generation Marketing Company.Ltd. and Nata Construction is trying to take place in electric manufacturing market by implementing HEPP projects in our region.In this way it will begin to build NATA regulator and NATA II regulator and HEPP.

Nata Construction has ISO 9001:2000, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001 documents by courtesy of their structure of their organization,high quality,low cost and manufacturing in short period.

Nata construction has lots of projects about construction of industrial structures.Forum Trabzon AVM and Life Center Construction, Trabzon World Trade Center Exhibition Saloon and Administrative Building Construction,Rumeli Holding Media Center Printing House of Star Gazette and Delivery Center landscaping are examples that is shown for tHEPPe projects.

Residence projects stand in the forefront among the projects that is implemented by Nata Construction. It is the pioneer firm that contructs social housing projects and detached luxury houses. Besides Trabzon Sportsman Camp Training Center Construction it has gained experience at building sports facility like various building of traing, sports hall,football field,grandstand.

Nata Construction’s activities on their sector major on infrastructure projects like road,bridge art structures. It built lots of sections of Karadeniz Beach Road Project and art structures like various bridge.

Refining ,drainage, drinking water projects hold important place among infrastructure works. Nata Construction has stiffended its experiment in this field by implementing lots of infrastructure Project.

Nata Construction has been building HEPP Project that has 80 MW of installed power,owning to private sector in Trabzon.

Nata Copnstruction keeps its relations with state and private establishments,looks the future with confidence in the way of implementing growth goals.

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